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Hello and welcome to Adaptable-dreambeast. I’m the founder of this group. I’ve heard that theres been lots of thieves around on deviantart stealing artwork like adoptables, drawings and so on. So I decide to make rules to help you feel safe in this group. I know we hate them but I think it’s a good idea to have them. I want everyone to follow them please and if you do not I’m afraid there be consequences which be under the rules. Some rules will have more than one rule.

Here is the rule

:bulletblue: Rule 1- Please be considerate to other people feelings. No negative comments or hateful remarks.
:bulletblack: the consequence- I’ll deleted you from the group and block.

:bulletblue:Rule 2- DO NOT STEAL ANYTHING (this does go for crediting too)
:bulletblack: consequence one- I’ll give you a warning to either give the person credit (only for using a template or base) or to deleted it.
:bulletblack: consequence two- if you still have not done want I said. I’ll report your picture and deleted from this group.

:bulletblue: Rule 3- I do not accept any picture that has their comments disable.
:bulletblack: the consequence- I will delete it from the group or sent you a note to change it.

:bulletblue: Rule 4- Please (if you can) put your adoptables in the right folder. If you do not know ask or sent me a note saying that you submit your picture in the feature folder and I’ll do it for you.

:bulletblue: Rule 5- Please put Close,Open,On Hold or something that tells me if the picture is open or not.
:bulletblack: the consequence- I will not accept them.

*** NOTE- the pictures that are already in the group you can either change or you do not have to. This is just for the incoming adoptables. ***

:bulletblue: Rule 6- DO NOT SPAM THE COMMENTS.
:bulletblack: the consequence- flag as spam

:bulletblue: Rule 7- I do accept adoptables made by games but you have to follow the person rules. I’ll be checking your picture and the game info and rules.
:bulletblack: the consequence- If you fail to follow the owners rules, I’ll be deleting it.

Other than these rules let’s have a get time on this group. Again I’m sorry about these rules but I’ll feel happy and want you guys to feel that your adoptables are safe here. Oh and please If you see anyone and I mean anyone that broke any of these rules, please tell me right away . All these rules start right away.

Have a wonderful day

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The icon for the group and mascot was done by Kumotogi :heart:





Newest Members

:iconrainbowcoffeequeen: is having a contest which ends at February 28. She needs more people to enter and I ask permission to summit the following below.To enter please go here to the original journal and please comment there if you wish to enter evilinsideofmegirl.deviantart.…

Stolen from :iconrainbowcoffeequeen:

:edit the contest is now going till  feb 28 b/c  i dont have anofe people done eney thing yet so just waiting till feb i hope i dont have to egstend agien D: hey guys its me still need some more peoples for the contest till feb so u'v got lots of time love ya <3 :

if u are the winnsers tell me what u want drawen or if ur an anime fan and want ur oc or a chairter drawn into the anime i can doo that ^^
1. u have to draw one of my oc's with one of ur oc's
2. it can be eney thing even a edit or a base dosent matter
3. nothin sexule plz >,>
4. u have to put my contest in ur jornals and then comment me giveing me the link of it in ur jornal (must have)
5. you may use one of the collabs but u have a lower chanse of winning

1st: 30 points llama badge 2 big drawings from me (eney thing u want)
2nd: llama badge and 1 drawing from me fully body with out feet(cant draw feet)
3rd: points llama badge and 1 drawing from me hips and up
4th: llame badge and a shoulders up drawing
5th: llama badge

( you wot get a llama badge if i gave u one already)

people who have enterd

1. :iconashleykazekage:
2. :iconchoasisshinigami:
3. :iconneonguardianangel:
4 :iconcoughnarutardcough:
5 :icondangerflow:
6 :iconshadowmistgirl:
7 :iconannesaya:
8 :iconchibiria:

End of :iconrainbowcoffeequeen: journal

onces again please go to the original journal and comment there not here. Thank you.
here the link to the original journal evilinsideofmegirl.deviantart.…
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